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Magnetics, Magnets & Decals


Magnetics are a great way to identify vehicles and be mobile advertising for your business or service when you do not want to permanently letter your vehicle. An added advantage is that they can be transferred to other vehicles when needed which promotes your brand and professional image when any representative from your company is on the road. Other bonuses of magnetics are that they are very affordable and are available in many sizes and can also be shaped for a unique look. We do them all!



Clean the surface of your vehicle where you want to apply your magnetic. Make sure the surface is completely dry. Now do the same thing to the back of your magnetic and you are ready to apply. Hold your magnetic close to the vehicle and check for alignment. Then apply it. If it isn’t straight, carefully lift it off and try again. Do not remove magnetics if the temperature is below freezing. The entire magnetic should have surface contact and should not go over a curve that leaves any air space between the magnetic surface and the surface of the vehicle. Now you are good to go!



Keeping your magnetics clean is a must! Not just the front….but the back! Remove and clean the magnetics as often as possible. The contact between the magnetic itself and the vehicle is very important. Dust and dirt accumulates there with regular driving and that lessens the contact.

NOTE: Always remove your magnetics at car washes.


Exterior Signage


STORAGE:  One of the greatest assets of magnetics is that they are easily transferable. But if you are not ready to put them on another vehicle, you will need to store them. The best place to store magnetics is on a flat metal surface such as the side of a refrigerator or a filing cabinet. This will keep them clean and flat. If this option is not available, you can roll your magnetic with the printed side to the outside. Make sure than when you look at the end of the roll the shape is a round circle. If it is oval, you have rolled it too loosely.

DESIGN: Your business card is meant for close up viewing. Don’t use it as the design for your magnetic. Instead use the key elements of information and have a design that is meant to be viewed from a distance.

USES:  Perfect for construction, real estate, small business, food delivery, taxis, driving schools, plumbers, tech support, flower shops, sub contractors and lots more.



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Small magnetics are popular for schools, churches, non profits, sports, youth teams and groups, families, reunions…and the list goes on… only limited by your imagination. Whether you give them away for free or sell to the community as a fund raiser when you start using them, you will be surprised at how many of them you see…and at all different places!


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