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Vehicles & Magnetics


Make a big impression with vehicle lettering! Your company vehicle is the way to get your business advertising to a large number of potential customers over a vast area. Think of it as a marketing machine! You will attract attention whether you are parked, sitting in traffic or zooming along the highway reaching thousands of prospective customers in a short period of time. An eye-catching design can easily make you stand out above your competition and create impact for drivers, pedestrians and so many more.

We work with you on your vehicle design using your ideas or giving you ideas…as much or as little as you need. Our designer will be glad to meet with you personally to go over your project. We offer fast, friendly service and enjoy watching your business grow.


BFW Restoration Cargo Van Lettering
MPBMA Truck Vehicle Lettering


You want to be sure that your name and information is very legible…figure that you want your message, noticed, read and processed in less than 3 seconds at 50 mph. Well planned designs using optimum letter size and placement are important for maximum impact.


The Little Old German Signmaker has been lettering vehicles for almost 50 years! We are always building on our techniques and styles of production to fit our customers’ needs. Here are some of the popular types of trucks and vehicles that we letter:

  • Vans (large and small)

  • Pick Up Trucks

  • Cars & SUV’s

  • Boats

And the more unusual:

Toy Trucks, little red wagons, reproduction railroad cars & cabooses


  • Box Body Trucks

  • Passenger Vans 

  • Buses

  • Trailers


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