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Metal Plaques

Cedar Hill Farm Cast Bronze Plaque

Cast & precision tooled metal and etched plaques are truly distinctive signage that is available in a incredible variety of products that make an elegant statement and give a sense of permanency. You can choose from traditional cast plaques or more detailed etched and laser engraved options. It is the best way to identify special places, events, people, dedications, recognitions, contributions, historical sites and memorials. Portrait options are also available.


Recognitions…Dedications…Donor…In Memoriam…Contributions…Address Plaques…Park Bench…Garden Plaques…Historical Markers and Memorials…Hall of Fame …Sports…Desk Nameplates…Special Places and Events…Schools…Professional Offices…Churches…Universities …Government Buildings…Libraries…Boardroom…Amphitheaters…Arts Centers….and more!



Cast Metal & Precision Tooled Plaques

  • Cast Metal Plaques – Sense of permanency & architectural depth; Classic look for plaques, logos and emblems; multiple castings of identical plaque

    • Available in Bronze, Aluminum and Brass

  • Precision Tooled Plaques - Provide crisper letter edges than cast; lettering size can be smaller

    • Available in Bronze, Aluminum and Brass

Etched Plaques

  • When you need very small text and a high level of detail

  • Available in Bronze, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel

  • Variety of thicknesses

  • Multi-color painting, photo-etching, complex line art and polishing also available

Laser Engraved Plaques

  • Available in Anodized Aluminum & Granite

  • Standard Anodized Colors

Portrait Options

  • Most Common Portrait Options Available:

    • Bas Relief - Flat Relief - Photo Relief - Etched or Laser Engraved - Giclee Print

  • Oval, Round & Rectangular Ceramic Inserts


Wayfinding / ADA

  • Available in standard size 7”x8.5” x .25” with stipple or sand background

  • Your own custom design also available

  • All copy (standard copy and Grade 2 Braille)

  • Border raided from background; lettering raised .05”; Braille raised .031”

Contact us and we can help you with anything from a tree dedication plaque to donor plaques for an entire building.


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